Are You A Caesar Fan You May Want To Go Here

Rome's latest tourist location will take you back to your history books
Ruins of Largo di Torre Argentina in Rome
Ruins of Largo di Torre Argentina in Rome

Through the centuries, many leaders have risen up wielding a considerable influence on the rest of the world. Whether it is Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte, or Winston Churchill- each has left a permanent mark on the face of the globe. One such leader getting a tribute for his contributions to forming the innate identity of Italy is Julius Caesar. The great conqueror's assassination site at Largo di Torre Argentina in Rome will soon be made open for the general public. 

Situated right at the heart of the Italian capital, the beloved general was stabbed 22 times at the then Theater of Pompey over 2000 years ago. The location of the assassination continues to stand till this day. Tourists can visit the remains of the theater building with four temples dating back to the third and second centuries BC a part of this magnificent complex. 

The site will go through a major restoration process as announced the mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi. The work will take upto 2021 to complete. If you do wish to visit earlier, a treat does await you with numerous carved stones and a brick tower at the site still intact. The Italian capital is already a dream destination for many and the murder location of Julius Caesar will only provide further impetus for all the tourists with Rome on top of their wish-list.   

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