Catch the Joker Live-In-Concert Across Europe From April 30, 2020

The concert in Europe and other international destinations will have the stunning soundtrack of Joker
The Joker was one of the biggest films of 2019
The Joker was one of the biggest films of 2019

Warner Brothers&rsquo Joker is an easy phenomenon, taking die-hard fans and newbies out for a ride with its gripping narrative and masterful acting. And while critics may argue about its easy success, there is no denying the two Academy Awards, 11 nominations and the one billion-plus box office collection. But clearly, that&rsquos not enough. Now, starting April 30, a Joker live-in-concert will run across Europe and other international destinations. To hear Hildur Guonadottir&rsquos stunning soundtrack play live as Arthur transforms in Joker would be a cinematic marvel. Moreover, the opening night in London will be conducted by Jeff Atmajian, who is the conductor and orchestrator of the original soundtrack.

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