Suriname Ending Visa Requirements for Indian Travellers

Annoyed with the time and money the visa application process takes You may want to add Suriname to your list of visa-free destinations
Suriname is known for its coastal landscapes and tropical rainforests
Suriname is known for its coastal landscapes and tropical rainforests

Ever felt like visiting the unexplored gorgeousness that is Suriname Well, it seems to be getting a whole lot easier.

In the recent&nbspPravasi Bharatiya Divas Convention, the little country in northern South America, decided to promote visa-free travel between Suriname and India. President Chandrikapersad Santokhi said that their nation would like to lead the way in improving bilateral relations between the two countries.

Suriname is a tiny South American country famous for its Dutch colonial architecture and tropical rainforests. Recognised for its famous trading post, Fort Zeelandia, and 1885 built Saint Peter, the country is a frequent favourite with history and culture lovers. Tourists also make it a point to sample it famous rum that is made traditionally. 

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Held this year on January 9, The Pravasi Bharatiya Divas Convention is annually organised by India to celebrate the day Mahatma Gandhi arrived in India. Invited as a chief guest in the conclave, Santokhi emphasized the historical links between the two countries and proposed the formation of a special diaspora committee to identify opportunities for bilateral cooperation.&nbspThe president suggested that the two countries should introduce the free travel of individuals without the need for visas.

The flagship event of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs took place virtually and, the Indian-origin President spoke in the Bhojpuri dialect at the event. Sarnami Hindustani is one of the official languages of the country, which is spoken by Indian descendants who account for more than a quarter of the country&rsquos population.

The President said that the diaspora is a vital part of India's soft power and that India, too, is an important part of Suriname's soft power. He said that allowing free travel between the two countries would bring stability and add to the various industries, including education and research. 

These initiatives are expected to support tourism and accelerate business between the two sides.

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