The Bus From Into The Wild is a Museum Exhibit Now

Popularised by the Jon Krakauer book and later a movie by the same name, the desolate place in Alaska has been attracting adventure lovers and hikers
The van spot has been visited by many over the years
The van spot has been visited by many over the years

The infamous bus where Chris McCandless breathed his last is now a part of the Alaska Museum. Popularised by the book Into The Wild by author Jon Krakauer which was later made into a full length movie by Sean Penn, the site had attracted many curious adventure lovers and hikers over the years.

Earlier in June, the bus was airlifted from the secluded Alaska region (due to safety concerns and to discourage people from visiting the place) and located around 25 miles from Healy town. Six weeks after this, the state&rsquos Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announced plans to relocate the vehicle to a museum in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Chris McCandless hitchhiked to the Alaskan wilderness where he found this abandoned bus and made it into a makeshift shelter in 1992. He had gone to the site with limited supplies but tragically could not return due to the swollen Teklanika River. He lived in the bus 250 miles north of Anchorage and kept a journal of his plight and hardships. Though still a topic of debate, it is believed McCandless died due to starvation. The body was later discovered by a local hunter from the area.

Since then, the eerie spot has become a pilgrimage for most adventure lovers who tried to recreate McCandless&rsquo steps. Unfortunately some have lost their lives. Many search-and-rescue missions were also carried out by the authorities.

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