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The International Spy Museum is to re-open in May, at LEnfant Plaza in Washington DC, with a completely new makeover
Exterior of the Spy Museum in Washington, DC
Exterior of the Spy Museum in Washington, DC

If you are a die-hard fan of the Bond movies or have a keen interest in international conspiracy theories or ever casually thought of faking your identity to test your spying abilities, we have a place just for you.

The International Spy Museum is set to re-open this spring in the new state-of-the-art building, L&rsquoEnfant Plaza, in Washington DC. The museum, first established in 2002, would now have totally re-imagined exhibits narrating how intelligence has influenced our lives and continues to do so even today. With interactive installations and exhibitions, the most recent collection of spy artifacts from around the world and first-person videos accounts from the top intelligence officers, the new format of the museum lets its visitors be in the shoes of a real spy and test their abilities as agents, undercover officers and even world leaders making life and death decisions. Using the radio frequency identification technology and interactive stations, the museum has now enabled the visitors to take on spy personas and test their mettle and skills.

The museum will now cover various aspects of intelligence, including the wizard teams that collect data, the technical geniuses who envision and invent the gadgets. It even has immersive exhibitions showcasing real-life stories and operations from the Berlin City of Spies to Osama Bin Laden. One of the exhibits even highlights the roles of celebrity spies at the time such as singer Josephine Baker, director John Ford, and actress Marlene Dietrich. Twice the size of the old building, the new museum also has a fully-acoustic controlled theatre that can accommodate a total of 160 guests for various lectures, films, and panel discussions, doubling its education and programming space.

With the world&rsquos largest collection of espionage classics like the lipstick pistol, a camera in a coat button used in the Soviet Union during the Cold War and a letter written by George Washington dating back to 1777, the International Spy Museum is set to make you wait just for a few more weeks.

So, what are you doing on May 11, 2019

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