Another Indian Chef In Bangkok Bags The Coveted Michelin Star

Chef Garima is the first Indian woman to receive a shiny Michelin star, and we're going Gaa-Gaa over her
Another Indian Chef In Bangkok Bags The Coveted Michelin Star
Another Indian Chef In Bangkok Bags The Coveted Michelin Star

The culinary world is not known for giving female chefs their due and recognition. Indian female chefs,&nbspin particular, have been on the back burner (pun intended), thanks to male-dominated workspaces and lack of opportunities in the past. So when chef Garima Arora wins a Michelin star for her restaurant Gaa, and is the first Indian woman to do so, the appreciation garnered is unsurprising.

Arora, 30, has always been hob-nobbing in the kitchen, at least after her brief stint in journalism. She has worked as chef de partie at Noma, learnt techniques at Chef&rsquos Gordon Ramsay&rsquos restaurant in Dubai and later, really found her feet as sous chef at Gaggan, chef Anand&rsquos eponymous restaurant serving groundbreaking Indian cuisine 

Gaa, which was opened in Bangkok, Thailand in April 2017 under Arora&rsquos helm, has already won its first Michelin star by the Michelin Guide Thailand. Unlike at Gaggan, at Gaa, you can expect to be served food influenced by Asia and Europe. As per the restaurant&rsquos website itself, they &ldquotap into techniques from around the world and apply it to locally sourced ingredients to create something uniquely [theirs].&rdquo

The tasting menus, serving either 10 or 14 courses show inspiration and technique from India, however, such as pickling and the use of fermented batter. Popular dishes include Unripe jackfruit, roti and pickles as well as crayfish with khakra. For dessert, a betel (paan leaf) takes a sophisticated turn with chocolate. A tasting menu would cost one 2400 baht (approximately @INR 5,250).

As per the Michelin guide, receiving a star means that guests can expect high-quality cooking and that the restaurant is a worth a stop. We definitely know where to go for dinner when we&rsquore in Bangkok. 

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