India to Soon Get Its First Subscription-Based Airline

Prince Air will also be introducing private jet flying to India
Prince Air will also be introducing private jet flying to India

The global pandemic has pushed players in the airline sector to come up with some interesting ideas. One such is the rise of subscription-based airlines.

And it looks like India will soon get its first taste of that. Prince Air is set to launch India&rsquos first subscription-based airline in three cities.

Here's what's on offer. You will get unlimited boarding access to business class flights for a monthly subscription. The new airline is all set to fly the passengers between major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore at just a fraction of the current business class fares.

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The airline start-up is looking to simplify the flying experience by offering a monthly competitively priced payment with an initial network of Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore while the potential market is going to expand with time.

Prince Air will start operating with leather recliner studded featuring all-business-class layout airplanes with 90-100 seats. Flights such as Airbus A320 or A321 family offering a substantial amount of space will be used for the two to three-hour routes the airline is targeting.

Apart from the multiple flights options, the Prince Air monthly subscription allows fliers to arrive at the airport just 30 mins before departure. Passengers also have the benefits of switching their flights and choosing from a wide range of departures.

Similar to several subscription-based global airlines, Prince Air will also introduce private jet flying. They will be looking at flyers who usually travel business class or frequently between major metropolitan cities as their target audience.

Likewise, the chartered private jet subscriptions they offer could attract those who foresee frequent travel in a month rather than just business passengers between these cities.

Prince Air founder Sanket Raj Singh says, &ldquoPassengers subscribing to this new model enjoy a privileged experience, different from the regular check-ins at airports. It will be similar to owning your own private jet, an experience that will make you feel special.&rdquo

This all-new aviation experience should be ready to hit the Indian domestic market in about six to eight months. Prince Air&rsquos unique model is currently offering a monthly subscription for Rs54,500.

The pre-sell memberships sale has already begun, you can sign up to reserve your seat here

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