Hilton India Expands Its Menu With a New Sustainable Dining Experience

With the Aayush menu, Hilton advocates for customers' healthier and sustainable eating habits with a modern spin on immunity-boosting Indian cuisine
Hilton India Expands Its Menu With a New Sustainable Dining Experience
Hilton India Expands Its Menu With a New Sustainable Dining Experience

Hilton India launches a brand-new additional menu &ndash Aayush, a sustainable health-focused vegetarian menu that brings back traditional Indian recipes rich in nutrients, low in calories and with natural healing properties. It will be available in all properties across India, curated by the culinary team in Hilton. Aayush is a concept that puts flavour and health together on the table, keeping in mind the rising desire of consumers for healthy food options and mindful eating choices.

As more and more consumers are exploring sustainable food choices, it is important to offer a sustainability based menu across all dining options. Aayush is a mindful creation that focuses at offering a healthier option, aimed at rejuvenating, purifying, and restoring inner strength of the body.

Commenting on the new menu, Mr. Prashant Kulkarni, Director F&ampB, India-Hilton said, "We at Hilton are amongst the pioneers in India to bring wholesome and mindful food options alongside our regular menu. It is part of our continuous endeavour to support the growing appetite for sustainable dining. In the past, our association with Wakao foods was welcomed by our guests for its innovation, sustainability, and deliciousness. Now with Aayush, we want to expand and cater to our conscious consumers with a satisfying meal, making dining out at any Hilton brand across the country a friendly and reliable experience. "Aayush is a contemporary celebration of our ancient Indian food combinations and flavours that perfectly blends with the shift towards plant-based alternatives, vegetarianism, and vegan diets enduring to be dominant trends in 2022. The menu includes immunity-boosting dishes like "Moringa Saaru," a drumstick soup from Southern India that is full of potassium, vitamin C, and other essential nutrients.&rdquo

This one-of-a-kind menu is Hilton&rsquos venture into re-popularizing ancient Indian ingredients and superfoods through an array of starters, main courses, and desserts&mdashguests can savour dishes like Tulsi aur Jau ka Shorba, Kapalanga Thoran, Kathal Sukka, Malabar Nadaan Curry, Vegan Quinoa Kheer, and Turmeric Latte, among others.

According to Ayurveda, food has a great influence over one&rsquos overall wellbeing, with people across the globe switching to Indian alternatives for foods and superfoods. The Aayush menu is a step towards encouraging people to adapt to a lifestyle change with healthy and clean
eating and processes that are connected to the roots of ancient India.

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