China and Hong Kong Connected By High Speed Trains

Connecting Hong Kong and Beijing in just nine hours, the Vibrant Express travels with a speed of 200km/hr.
The Vibrant Express at a station in China.
The Vibrant Express at a station in China.

If you are visiting Hong Kong for enjoying your holidays or for professional matters then travelling in the Hong Kong Express rail link would explain why the city is called as the International hub for leisure and business travellers. Designed to run at an incredible speed of 380km/hr, the Vibrant Express goes to the maximum velocity of 200km/hr in the mainland China. The rail network has 44 stops and connects all the major cities of China including Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai. While your future visit in the Chinese land, make sure to experience the super fast trains and encounter their booming development strategies. 

It took about 20 years to plan and construct the railway line before it started its service on 23rd of September 2018. The pointed aerodynamic shape of the train and highly airtight design helps it to run with great speed. Bringing down the travel time of 24 hours from Hong Kong till Beijing to 9 hours, the Vibrant Express is planned to accomplish further development goals in China. The train can carry 581 passengers and is equipped with latest collision and fire resistance technology offering the best safety measures for the people. 

Go around the country with a luxurious feel in the Vibrant Express and cover all your destinations. Experience the power of these machines which enable them to transport you with an unbelievable speed across several cities.  

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