Heres Delhi Airports Post-Lockdown Safety Plan

Mandatory masks and more check-in counters at the airport
Stringent safety measures will be imposed
Stringent safety measures will be imposed

As travel restrictions and lockdown ease, Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) is prepping for increased safety and security measures for when flights will become operational. From May 17, DIAL, led by the GMR Group, will be focusing on sanitisation, social distancing and other safety measures to minimise human contact. As of now, only Terminal 3 will be operational and no visitors will be allowed in. 

So how does this affect your experience as a passenger Firstly, masks are mandatory at Indira Gandhi International Airport and social distancing markers will be placed at every turn to remind people to maintain distance. Authorities and managers will be present at all kerbsides, security check areas, check-in halls and at boarding gates. 

New Check-In Protocols

Each airline will be assigned a special gate in tandem with the check-in counters for their domestic and international flights to help align passengers and make for smoother movement. For instance, Vistara and IndiGo passengers will have gates 1 and 2. Gates 3 and 4 have been assigned to Air Asia and Air India SpiceJet, GoAir and other airlines will use Gate 5 and gates 6, 7 and 8 have been allocated for international passengers only. 

During the check-in, apart from social distancing markers, passengers will be provided with sanitiser at various touchpoints. All staff will be given adequate PPE, trays will be disinfected, alternate seats will have markers for staggered seating, digital payments will be encouraged at kiosks and food will be monitored. 

The idea is to avoid human contact as much as possible. The airport has plans underway to install UV machines to  sanitise check-in bags. Airport staff will be screened for temperature and any passenger showing signs of COVID-19 will be isolated according to government directives. 

Deployment of Staff and New Boarding Rules 

When boarding, gates will have marked chairs and queue managers will be made available at each gate. Passengers will have to follow security protocols during baggage reclamation and use hand sanitiser when exiting buses, cabs and bridges on the runway and arrival gate.

DIAL has deployed a team of 500 to disinfect surfaces after every hour. High contact surfaces like desks, chairs, railings, elevators, escalators, trays and belts will be a priority. Additionally, the airport will shut washrooms every one hour for cleaning. Shops will be set up to sell safety equipment like gloves and masks. 

These new rules will be installed as signs at various checkpoints to remind passengers. Social media is also being used and passengers are encouraged to print their boarding passes at home and highlight their names and flight details to avoid contact. Self check-in facility, scan and fly, self bag tag facilities will be encouraged. Even during the lockdown period, the airport has been undergoing deep cleaning and sanitisation every day. 

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