Here's Another Way to Traverse the Swedish Arctic Region

Have you ever tried crossing a snow-clad valley on a tightrope suspended 600m above the ground
Here's Another Way to Traverse the Swedish Arctic Region
Here's Another Way to Traverse the Swedish Arctic Region

A new world record was set by four German tightrope walkers who crossed a 2.1km long  valley in Swedish Lapand over a tightrope line that that was suspended at a height of 600m.

Quirin Herterich, Lukas Irmler, Ruben Langer and Friedi Kuehn were the four people who participated. &ldquoI just focused on being very slow, being extremely clean and just reaching the end," said&nbspHerterich, who was first to cross the line.

"This is hard because it's really exposed, it's 600 metres high, it's 2,150 metres and it's really windy here sometimes," said David Sjostrom, the project manager.

According to Reuters, it took two days to rig the line across the two Arctic Circle peaks which, at this time of year, bask in 24 hour sunlight.

Famous for Northern Lights, lofty mountains, serene landscape and chilling cold, visiting this region will be one of the most memorable experience of your life. The northernmost city of Sweden, Kiruna, is well connected and has regular flights from Stockholm. You get the chance to stay in ice hotels in Jukkasj&aumlrvi, which is 20 min from Kiruna. Lapland's indigenous people, Sami, have a huge contribution in supporting wildlife and habitats. Sami culture is also famous for their wonderful craftwork and yoiking. If you are going in the winter, don&rsquot forget to try snow-mobiling on frozen lakes. 

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