Unlocking Malls, Hotels and Restaurants

The latest guidelines specify rules for opening up of these establishments in non-containment zones
Malls, hospitality units and restaurants to open up with these guidelines
Malls, hospitality units and restaurants to open up with these guidelines

As India is easing restrictions across the country, the latest SOPs from the health ministry have been issued to unlock certain public places. The experience at malls, workplaces, hotels and religious places is set to differ from our prior experiences. All such establishments will remain closed in containment areas and those outside will open in accordance with terms outlined by states. 

Shopping Malls
The experience at shopping malls will not be the same as gaming arcades, play areas and cinema halls are still going to be shut. In case of available valet parking, the staff has to wear face masks and gloves, along with proper disinfection of steering door handles, and keys should be taken up. All shops, cafeterias and stalls inside the premises will have to follow social distancing. This also extends to the shops, where only a limited number of people will be allowed. More details can be accessed here

Restaurants and hospitality units have to take suitable measures to prevent the transmission of the virus. Takeaways should be encouraged and the direct handover of the food packet to the customer by the delivery personnel is not allowed. The staff will also be screened thermally before delivering food. In case seating arrangement is available, it will only be limited to half the capacity to maintain social distancing. Also, disposable menus are advised to be used. The latest SOPs involve mandatory covering of face with masks/covers, along with mandatory sanitiser dispensers at the entrance. Only asymptomatic staff and patrons will be allowed. There will also be a display of preventive measures about COVID-19. The SOPs also advise enough manpower to enforce social distancing and crowd management in parking lots. More can be read here.

Hospitality Units
As for hospitality units, large gatherings are still not permitted along with a restriction on the number of people in an elevator. Guests will also have to provide details of travel history, medical conditions along with a self-declaration form. Hotels will also have to adopt contactless processes like QR codes, online forms, etc. &ldquoCleaning and regular disinfection (using 1% sodium hypochlorite) of frequently touched surfaces (door knobs, elevator buttons, hand rails, benches, washroom fixtures, etc.) to be made mandatory in all guest service area and common areas,&rdquo read the SOPs. 

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