Why Take The Road When You Can Fly

Come March 2019, you will be able to cover Mumbai to Pune in just 40 minutes with Blade Indias helicopter services
Blade India's helicopter service to start from March 2019
Blade India's helicopter service to start from March 2019

Buckle up people, for flying over the dynamic cities of Mumbai and Pune in helicopters will be a reality by the month of March 2019. A popular facility in the United States and a common activity for the adventure seekers, Mumbai will be the first city where the idea would be launched. It can be a challenging experience for Blade India as it does not have choppers of its own but plan to partner with the owners of the helicopters and provide the facility. If it turns out to be a success then it can help the city with the traffic adversities. It takes a ride of 3 hours to reach Pune from Mumbai while the chopper will be connecting both the cities in just 40 minutes.

Imagine sitting in your room and booking your ride. Anyone can avail this service like they do with Ola and Uber, but you cannot argue with the pilot for reaching late at your location. The firm has come up with their mobile application called BLADE which will book your ride from certain spots in the city. The organisation may extend its service to other major cities in India if it gains popularity in its initial stage. Although the expense of the rides has not been decided, it is sure to be lesser than the private chartered planes.

No more expensive private planes from these cities. Book from your phone and enjoy the chopper ride.

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