Grumpy Traveller Why Do Indians Travel Badly

Why is the average Indian traveller so uninterested in the world--s cultural and natural splendours
Grumpy Traveller Why Do Indians Travel Badly
Grumpy Traveller Why Do Indians Travel Badly

Yes, even as outbound travel (read Indians travelling to &lsquophoren&rsquo lands) is on the rise, there is a perceptible rise in one species that the world could do well without&mdashThe Ugly Indian Traveller. Once the Americans had been known for this quality almost globally, and the average Chinese and Korean tourists evince such reaction in places such as the Philippines and Hawaii, but it is clear that the Indian traveller, especially when travelling to places such as Thailand, Switzerland, casinoland et al could soon be abused with such epithets as well.

That a lot of Indians will want vegetarian food is understandable. Uncharitable reactions on seeing a globally-famed destination is less understandable. Often they go with such reluctance, make snide, smart aleck-y remarks about remarkable places&mdashbe it the Pyramids (yahan kitni garmi hai) or Shakespeare&rsquos house (iss bau ne kya kiya tha), or the white sands of Boracay&mdashtake that compulsory selfie and rush back to the air-conditioned comfort of 4-star hotels even in chilly Melbourne. Followed by room service, drinks, loud music (yes, Yo Yo Honeyji&rsquos colossal talent is the preferred choice) and preferably the closest approximation to &lsquoIndian&rsquo food. Any remarkable cultural heritage, whether opera or folk art, might as well be for aliens, they couldn&rsquot care less. I know someone who forgot to take photos of the Doge&rsquos Palace in Venice (yes, I kid you not) as none of the 38 selfies captured her at her best, she felt.

Why is the average Indian traveller so uninterested in the world&rsquos cultural and natural splendours Why go then Just to tell friends, relatives and neighbours The only time passion makes its way upfront is when preparing for the trip to the outlet malls, hours out of Boston/Philadelphia/Chicago/Austin/Denver/San Diego/Miami... Messers Sharma or Mahapatra or Rao were once known as cultural travellers, value-conscious travellers, shoppers, urban(e) travellers. That&rsquos changing fast. Indians still do not venture much to beaches, with multiple good reasons, of course, but their bargain-hunting indulgences at night-time Pattaya do not make them much desired even by Thais

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