Grumpy traveller Bill Aitken

Author and mountain lover Bill Aitken feels that Indian Railways could do much better where food served on the trains is concerned.
Grumpy traveller Bill Aitken
Grumpy traveller Bill Aitken

Three things I&rsquod like to change about Indian Railways first, there is a need for pride in rail history and awareness of our heritage, because India&rsquos railway heritage is the richest in the world. Second, apart from the luxury trains, food served on Indian trains is of an appalling standard. This is due to a lack of imagination. Instead of a thali of cold bhaat and watery dal, there should be snacks like noodles or light à la carte service. The third reason follows from the second&mdashthe appalling dumping of litter from passenger food like foils on to the tracks. What I love about the railways the pace. It isn&rsquot very efficient, but I feel this is the right rate for the human soul. Also the friendliness of one&rsquos fellow passengers and the fantastic value for money&mdashwhere else in the world can you do 5,000km for Rs 241

(As told to Lata Khubchandani and Amit Dixit)

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