Grumpy traveller Atul Kasbekar

Read about the fashion photographer--s bitter-sweet feelings for the Indian Railways.
Grumpy traveller Atul Kasbekar
Grumpy traveller Atul Kasbekar

I haven&rsquot travelled by train for 15 years. There is very little I like about them &mdashthey&rsquore generally a disaster, they&rsquore dirty, they&rsquore slow, they&rsquore overcrowded, they keep crashing, they&rsquore not on time... But my favourite journey was taking the Deccan Queen from Mumbai to Pune to visit my grandmother. The highlight was eating those sweet, black berries and Divadkar&rsquos vadas at Karjat. But that was a painless three-hour journey. Unless my life depended on it, I don&rsquot want to step onto another train. I&rsquom not a snob, I just want to get to places fast.

(As told to Lata Khubchandani and Amit Dixit)

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