No More Drinking On Beaches In Goa

Post the drowning of two tourists, Goa government intensifies regulation regarding consumption of alcohol on beaches
People found drinking on the beach may be fined or even imprisoned
People found drinking on the beach may be fined or even imprisoned

The beaches and nightlife are the heart and the soul of tourism culture in Goa. However, a major change has been made that will prevent people from drinking alcohol on the beaches in the future. After an unfortunate incident of two tourists drowning on Morjim beach on November 9, the government of Goa has announced a crackdown on drinking on beaches. The deceased were identified as Aditya Magadum,26, and Abhijeet Magadum,33. 

In January this year, Goa government amended the Registration of Tourist Trade Act, imposing fines on people found drinking or cooking on beaches. 

According to reports, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant mentioned that there will be enforcement of law on beaches to prevent people from consuming alcohol. Additional police forces have also been ordered on beach safety duties. This involves patrolling on the beaches to avoid the occurrence of any more fatalities or unfortunate events. An amendment in Goa Tourist Place (Protection and Maintenance) Act 2001 imposes a fine of INR 2000 on individuals and INR 10,000 on groups that are found drinking alcohol on the beach. Three months of imprisonment may also be applicable. Additionally, any traders selling alcoholic drinks are expected to prevent their customers from carrying cans or bottles onto the beaches. In fact, even breaking of glass bottles on the coast is now labelled illegal. 

The party spirit in the Goa may be one of the most attractive aspects of the state, but with the lives of people at hand, the Goa government has decided that this crackdown is essential.

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