Taapsee Pannu's favourite hotel

The actress tells us why she loves Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort
Taapsee Pannu's favourite hotel
Taapsee Pannu's favourite hotel

OT Which is your favourite hotel in the world When did you first visit and why
Taapsee Pannu
I love ITC hotels. They have a nice Indian vibe and they&rsquore always so grand. But, outside India, I loved my stay at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island (from $1,162 www.hilton.com) a few years ago. It was a short vacation trip with friends and it was heavenly.

OT What was the experience like
Taapsee Pannu The entire island was owned by Hilton. They had beautiful ocean villas with ocean views. The d&eacutecor was contemporary. We had a personal butler which helped us to explore the entire island and make the most of all the amazing experiences on offer. It is a very well-equipped hotel with all watersports organised on the premises itself.

OT What was the food like
Taapsee Pannu Amazing. I will definitely rate it as one of the best seafood destinations anywhere. Spectacular ocean views came as part of the parcel, which I feel is just as important as a brilliant menu. In fact, it was more &lsquofun-dining&rsquo than fine dining with nibbles like coconut shrimp and barbecue scallop skewers, salads, dips, etc. I can still remember the taste of those dishes.

OT Any memory you&rsquod like to share with our readers about your stay there
Taapsee Pannu My scuba diving experience. What a beautiful world inside the waters I got my license there for 18m open diving. My first dive was to 12 metres. I tried not to panic. &ldquoWhat the hell am I doing&rdquo I asked myself. But I reminded myself &ldquoIt&rsquos gonna be a wonderful experience. Just do it&rdquo Then I went down, deeper and deeper. I could feel my heart beat faster. I saw some corals. I saw some sea urchins too, giant &lsquokeong&rsquo in white and lots of goby fish hiding in the sands. What an experience

OT In a line, what was special about the hotel Its &lsquoUSP&rsquo
Taapsee Pannu The ocean villas were exemplary. It felt like I was living in heaven everyday when I woke up to the infinite ocean view. The balcony in the room took you down directly into the ocean. Imagine being that close to nature

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