Sunny Deol

The Indian film actor, producer and director, loves holidaying with all his family members, with a spot of adventure to spice it up
London is the favourite destination for actor Sunny Deol, who thinks of the city as his second home
London is the favourite destination for actor Sunny Deol, who thinks of the city as his second home

OT The shooting of

Singh Saab the Great

took you to several destinations. Any favourites

Sunny Deol My favourite destination was Bhopal. It is very clean and the weather was amazing &mdash we shot there in winter. I am very impressed by the city and the people.

OT What fun things did you get to do during your travel

Sunny Deol I generally travel with all my staff. I&rsquove known them for years, so it&rsquos always fun to travel with them. 

OT What do you love about travelling And what do you hate about it

Sunny Deol You get to see so many new places, meet and interact with new people, and you get to know and understand their culture. I think that&rsquos the best part about travelling. What I don&rsquot like is city traffic &mdash its exhausts you. Also I don&rsquot like long trips.

OT What do you usually bring back from your holidays

Sunny Deol I love teddy bears, so I get lots of teddy bears, photos and (of course) memories from holidays.

OT Which is your favourite travel destination

Sunny Deol London is my favourite for the simple reason that I have lived there for a couple of years. It&rsquos like my second home. I just love shopping and spending time in London. It&rsquos a beautiful city.

OT What are your family holidays like Does everyone in the family enjoy the same kind of holidays

Sunny Deol Of course, we all like the same kind of holidays. That&rsquos why we all go on holidays together. We all have grown up knowing each other, we know about each other&rsquos likes and dislikes. Family holidays are fun and relaxing at the same time. There are times when you want to explore a different place but your children prefer something else, so we do what they like.

OT What is your favourite kind of holiday &mdash relaxing, luxurious or adventurous

Sunny Deol It is a mix of relaxation and adventure &mdash I especially love trekking in Manali.

OT What travel advice would you give our readers

Sunny Deol Travel in winter and always carry a first-aid kit.

OT Which is your favourite food destination

Sunny Deol I love Thai food. Whenever I visit London I go to Patara for some good Thai food.

OT Five things that you absolutely can&rsquot do without when you travel

Sunny Deol I carry my whole house with me. Really

OT Any travel disasters recently

Sunny Deol Once, when I was travelling from London to Italy, I realised that I did not have a valid visa to Italy after I had landed there, and I was deported back to London. I can never forget that fiasco.

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