Suniel Shetty

The actor, producer and hotelier explains what he loves about a fun hotel in Bali
Suniel Shetty
Suniel Shetty

OT Favourite hotel in the world
Suniel Shetty I would have said that it was this totally lovely hotel we stayed in when we went to Ladakh. It was in Leh, not a very big place, and its simplicity matched that amazing landscape so... well but, unfortunately, I can&rsquot remember its name. So, I guess, my absolute favourite hotel would have to be the Hard Rock Hotel in Bali ( We like going anywhere in Southeast Asia &mdash it could be Bali or Bangkok, anywhere at all. It&rsquos difficult for me to remember all the hotels in which we have stayed, but one place that really does come to my mind is this hotel in Bali.

OT Last visited
Suniel Shetty I think we must have gone about a year or a year-and-a-half ago, and I think we stayed for a week, or perhaps it was for eight or nine days.

OT The experience
Suniel Shetty I remember some things particularly &mdash such as, right after you enter the reception, there is a bar. It is as if the reception itself is a bar, and a band plays on top of the bar We were there over the Christmas and New Year break and the holiday atmosphere was terrific, and made the whole experience even better. Also, it was matched by some really great hospitality. The kids were really very thrilled with the whole thing. It was the ideal sort of place for us &mdash there was a lot of music, a whole lot of fun, it was beautiful and the kids had a great time.

OT The food
Suniel Shetty The food was very good.

OT The hotel&rsquos USP
Suniel Shetty What is really nice about the hotel is that it has one of the most beautiful swimming pools I have ever seen. It&rsquos very Bali, the whole ambience. Not only did the Hard Rock Hotel have a very beachy kind of atmosphere, but even the swimming pool was like that. Of course, I can think of far more beautiful hotels that I have seen but I loved this concept because it was so happy.

OT Repeat visit
Suniel Shetty Yeah, sure, I would like to go back but I can&rsquot say when it will happen.

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