Suneet Varma

The Indian fashion designer talks about his favourite hotel, Nilaya Hermitage, Goa
Suneet Varma
Suneet Varma

OT Favourite hotel in the world
Suneet Varma For me hotels represent many different aspects of my work and leisure life. Some are business hotels and are suited for just that. These are well located in the heart of the city (like the fancy and fashionable W hotel in New York City), making it convenient to get around. Some are beautiful heritage hotels, on perhaps a hilltop, like the Chez Maria in Barcelona, Spain, which offers wonderful evening cocktails on a terrace that looks on to the entire city.... And some hotels are just right to crash in at night, when you are transiting through various cities in the world But one of my favourites is the Nilaya Hermitage in Goa.

OT Last visited
Suneet Varma
Three years ago.

OT The experience
Suneet Varma It&rsquos tucked away on a beautiful hill with only 11 rooms and serves wonderful meals. The idea of being in a hotel with few rooms is that at some point one will have to interact with the other guests and I have made a few friends from my visits to the hotel. The design of each room is based on the solar system and the universe at large and offers open-ended spaces, where the bedroom leads onto an open terrace and then into an open-air shower, overlooking a huge cliff... It&rsquos really quite an experience being there. The pool is calm and has a great view too. And if you are lucky you may be spending a week lying by the pool with Mick Jagger or Naomi Campbell

OT The food
Suneet Varma This being Goa, the hotel serves a lot of seafood, which I loved. I also liked the fact that the food was very light and healthy (especially their Continental menu) as I am very health-conscious. They also had some very interesting Asian-fusion dishes, which I really liked. But what really had me hooked was a traditional Goan bread pudding, served with hot chocolate sauce, which was absolutely delicious.

OT Repeat visit
Suneet Varma Yes, most certainly, work permitting, of course.

The information

Location Arpora, Goa
Accommodation  11 rooms, 4 tents
Tariff &euro320 for double occupancy, all-inclusive
Contact 0832-2276793,

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