Sonakshi Sinha
Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha

The actress likes to pamper herself while on a vacation and candidly admits her fondness for massages and spas

OT What does a holiday mean to you
Sonakshi Sinha An ideal vacation is time reserved just for me or my family &mdash it means total relaxation. I never follow a schedule. My last vacation seems like it was eons ago, so I&rsquom aching to go on one real soon.

OT Which are your favourite holiday destinations
Sonakshi Sinha I love Paris &mdash it&rsquos always buzzing with fashion and romance. London is good for shopping, and the Middle East has the best of everything. Home &mdash with Ma&rsquos cooking &mdash is the place to be on my days off in Mumbai.

OT Any destination on your holiday wishlist
Sonakshi Sinha Definitely beach destinations like Australia and Bali. I also want to explore South America.

OT Any favourites amongst the places you have shot in
Sonakshi Sinha While shooting for Lootera in January 2012, the film set erected in Dalhousie was destroyed because of bad weather. We were forced to trek through knee-high snow and had to shoot some scenes at Kalatop, close to Dalhousie. It is such a romantic and scenic place Abroad, it will have to be Oman, where we shot some portions of Once Upon A Time in Mumbai 2. It&rsquos a beautiful place and I had a great time when I was there. We stayed at Shangri-La&rsquos Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa. And we did everything from watersports and beach volleyball to admiring the rock formations in the clear blue waters. The food is to die for as well I love the way they cook everything in olive oil to make it look rich and you can pig out as much as you like.

OT What do you carry in your travel beauty bag
Sonakshi Sinha Lots and lots of make-up I have my concealer, orange lipstick, blush, kajal, mascara and eyelash curler. I never travel without at least three pairs of sunglasses &mdash I tend to keep losing them. And I always carry my iPad to play games during long flights.

OT What do you bring back from holidays
Sonakshi Sinha Chocolates And I don&rsquot feel guilty after eating them. Otherwise, it&rsquos clothes and trinkets.

OT What activities do you enjoy the most during your vacations
Sonakshi Sinha Pampering myself This may sound weird, but I am addicted to massages and spas. I am particularly fond of head massages. I ask a masseur to give me a head massage to test his/her skills. I was shooting for Dabanng at the Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa in Dubai, and had the most luxuriant head massage there &mdash imagine a head massage with almond oil in the morning, coconut oil hair baths and then a fragrant neroli oil after pack-up. I felt so spoilt.

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