Shujaat Khan

The Indian musician and sitar player has stayed at The Plaza Hotel in New York more than 30 times now
Shujaat Khan
Shujaat Khan

OT Which is your favourite hotel in the world
Shujaat Khan The Plaza Hotel New York (from $620 with breakfast, is my absolute favourite. I enjoy the luxury it offers, plus their staff are very attentive.

OT When did you go there
Shujaat Khan My first visit was in 1971. I was 11 years old and was touring with my father [Ustad Vilayat Khan]. My last visit was in November last year. I stayed there for five days as I had a concert, a recording and some lecture demonstrations at Columbia University. I have probably stayed at that hotel more than 30 times, I like it so much.

OT What do you like about it
Shujaat Khan I really like their rooms. I never bother about askingfor a particular room &mdash all are really nice. Some are done up to a modern theme, some baroque and some have European d&eacutecor. Plus it is located right across the street from Central Park, so the views from the rooms are really soothing and the location is so central it makes moving around really easy.

OT What do you order there
Shujaat Khan I like home food &mdash rice and dal &mdash and the chefs make it the way I like it. These little things re&shyally matter. But once I remember eating a lovely moussaka &mdash in fact, whatever Mediterranean food I have had there has always been brilliant.

OT And you say the service is their USP
Shujaat Khan The staff are really attentive they really take care of your needs and requests. If I want a particular kind of headphones, they go and arrange it for me. All requests are met efficiently and quickly. I think the place is brilliantly managed. I like their flexibility and efficiency.

OT When are you going there again
Shujaat Khan I am going back in September, again for a concert.

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