Richard Hadlee

One of the greatest fast bowlers and all-rounders in cricketing history talks to us about travel, food and India food
Richard Hadlee
Richard Hadlee

OLT Which is your favourite destination in the world

Richard Hadlee I enjoy going to different countries. England, because its the home of cricket it has beautiful cricket grounds and its easy to get around and enjoy all the history there. I also like the Pacific Islands, like Fijilying around on the beach on a deck chair, lovely hotels and lagoons. I like to relax and switch off on a holiday. Im a bit boring, really.

OLT Have you taken up any sports after retiring from cricket

Richard Hadlee I enjoy playing golf on courses around the world. In fact, I live on a golf course in Pegasus. I love some of the courses around the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast in Australia because they have a lot of water and trees, birdlife and wild animals around.

OLT Youve come to India multiple times on cricketing tours. What was that experience like

Richard Hadlee My first trip in 1976 was a mixed bag. I fell quite ill during that tour. We came in October so we had trained in very cold conditions back home and within a few hours we landed up in the heat and humidity of Pakistan first, then India. My most memorable tour was in 1988 when we managed to win a Test match at Wankhede.

OLT What do you pack for a trip

Richard Hadlee Apart from the necessities, I carry binoculars, a camera and my music on an iPad. I love my music. My playlist has easy and sentimental tracks, country and western music for instance, Simon & Garfunkel, Westlife, Cline Dion, Dixie Chicks, etc.

OLT Where do you feel most at home

Richard Hadlee At my home in Pegasus, just north of Christchurch city. Weve also got a little holiday home at Hanmer Springs, just over an hour from Pegasus. Its a small alpine village with a population of 700 people. The big attractions there are hot mineral pools, forest trails and horseriding. Thats my getaway place.

OLT Whats your favourite dish Do you like Indian food

Richard Hadlee Im a very basic eater. My favourite dish would be roast lamb with vegetables and roast potatoes. I also like Chinese and Thai food. As far as desserts go, I like a simple fruit salad with lots of ice cream. In Indian cuisines, I find chicken korma to be very palatable when eaten with rice.

OLT What is Christchurchs biggest attraction

Richard Hadlee Theres a whole new city coming up now. The earthquakes in 2010-11 did some damage, but were rebuilding. New buildings and a convention centre are coming up a rugby ground is being installed the Hagley Oval has been revamped into a beautiful new venue for cricket. And were lucky to have four very well-defined seasons in New Zealand.

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