Rajendra Prasad

The celebrated Telegu actor of Quick Gun Murugan fame tells us about his travel experiences, his favourite holiday destination, and much more...
Rajendra Prasad, the actor of Quick Gun Murugan, likes being in the midst of nature, in green places, where there is a lot of fresh air to breathe
Rajendra Prasad, the actor of Quick Gun Murugan, likes being in the midst of nature, in green places, where there is a lot of fresh air to breathe

OT Do you enjoy travelling

Rajendra Prasad I totally enjoy travel. I like being in the midst of nature, in green places, where there is a lot of fresh air to breathe. I have enjoyed so many wonderful travel experiences, if I started talking about all of them, you would have to listen to me till tomorrow morning.

OT Which places did the shooting of Quick Gun Murugan take you

Rajendra Prasad We shot for Quick Gun Murugan in Hyderabad, Bombay and Pune. We had a terrific time. One of the things I remember most was shooting in the middle of traffic in Bombay. You know how the traffic is in Bombay. And there we were, counting cars and jumping here and there right in the middle of it all. People must have thought what a joker I was, wearing all those bright clothes with all that thick make-up. I have been in over 200 movies and most of my shooting has happened on location outdoors, mostly around Andhra Pradesh, in and around Rajahmundry, Vijaywada and Hyderabad. It leads to some of the most interesting experiences. Look at Quick Gun Murugan &mdash I, a Telugu guy, doing a Tamil character in an English film with a Bengali director, a Tulu writer and a Marathi make-up man. We had great fun 

OT Can travel be comic How

Rajendra Prasad Oh, there is so much of humour in travel, you can write a big book on it. Because, every time you travel, you will come across this interesting character. Travel will give you not only the most number of places but also the most number of characters. The man who cuts your ticket is a character the fellow who crosses ahead of you is a character. If you have the eye to look at things in a lighter vein, then you will always find something to smile about everywhere.

OT What would you say is the most important thing to pack

Rajendra Prasad The ticket, definitely. Once, when I was travelling from Nellore as a student, I went out to get water and by the time I came back, the train had left All my friends&rsquo tickets were with me. I had to quickly find a taxi and catch up with the train at the next station. It was frightening Even today, I always hurry into a train because I am afraid I will miss it.

OT You recently returned from a journey to Sabarimalai...

Rajendra Prasad I have been going to Sabarimalai every year for the last 30 years without fail. It is a very purifying experiencing, physically and spiritually. Every year, when I finish the ascent, I tell myself I can&rsquot do this again I will take a doli next year. But when I have walked back and climbed into the taxi on my return, I tell myself, I have to climb up again next year. Every single time, this happens. It is incredibly green in Sabarimalai as it is in the middle of dense jungles in Kerala and I get a full year&rsquos supply of oxygen by just going there.

OT Where do you like to holiday most, and what do you like to do when you vacation

Rajendra Prasad I love Ooty. Maybe it&rsquos because I have been able to go there only twice in the last 32 years because of my shooting commitments. It is such a beautiful place, so green. And when I go on a vacation, I like to go out and buy vegetables and cook. Then, my wife thinks I am a villain. She says, either you cook or I cook. It is total confusion otherwise. I love to cook. I find it very relaxing.

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