Rahul Khanna

The witty Bollywood actor discusses his travels to the land of the Glenfiddich and his love for nature
Rahul Khanna
Rahul Khanna

OT What does travel mean to you

Rahul Khanna Travel opens the mind and feeds the soul.

OT What are your favourite holiday destinations

Rahul Khanna I am happiest where I am surrounded by natural beauty, peace and quiet. I love outdoor activities like hiking and swimming and a beautiful beach is my idea of heaven. Im more than happy to spend a vacation without TVs and technology and with just a good book.

OT Any travel memory that stands out

Rahul Khanna Watching nests of baby turtles hatch and make their way into the sea on a full moon night on the beaches of North Goa. With indiscriminate and irresponsible development in India, this phenomenon is becoming rarer. I wish we would be more protective of the environment and preserve beautiful natural areas and the important ecosystems they support.

OT Any packing tips

Rahul Khanna Japanese packing cubes are indispensable for a more organised suitcase. I pack an extra folding duffle bag in my luggage in case I decide to bring home any shopping or souvenirs and a ziplock plastic bag to pack a wet swimsuit from any last minute swims. Spectacle cases or airline amenity kits make great carriers for cables and chargers. I subscribe to Sartres opinion that, Hell is other people and I always carry ear plugs, sunglasses and headphones to shield myself from loud, self-important cellphone talkers in airline lounges.

OT What destinations remain on your bucket list

Rahul Khanna Strangely, Ive never been to Paris yet and I hope to change that, sooner than later. Japan is also on the top of my list. Plus, I have my eye on a few remote luxury retreats that shall remain nameless, lest they get discovered and over-publicised before I get to them

OT An aspect of travel that you wish you could change

Rahul Khanna Ive recently been the victim of a major airlines negligence and the resulting loss of my luggage. I was appalled to learn how casually they treat such incidentseven if one is a frequent flyer. I wish there would be more accountability and transparency and a greater commitment to the responsibility of safe carriage of passengers and their possessions.

OT How was your recent visit to the home of Glenfiddich What were the highlights

Rahul Khanna Dufftown, Scotland is stunningly beautiful and I was lucky enough to be taken through every aspect of the Glenfiddich tradition, learning how the worlds most-awarded whiskies are created by maverick craftsmen. By the banks of River Fiddich, I was told stories of founder William Grant and his dream to make the best dram in the valley. I also had a great time with Glenfiddichs award-winning head chef, Addy Daggart.

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