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The actor feels that the journey is about packing the suitcase and going off and sharing experiences with a bunch of new people
Pierce Brosnan finds India very attractive because of its diversity and rich colours
Pierce Brosnan finds India very attractive because of its diversity and rich colours

OT Your favourite destination in the world
Pierce Brosnan I like Hawaii, which is why I live here. It&rsquos like Ireland with the heat on. I love the culture, the landscape, the blue water. You wake up in the morning and go fishing or sailing or have a coffee on the beach. I paint and my wife gardens. It&rsquos a beautiful place to watch our boys grow up.

OT Where did you go last
Pierce Brosnan My wife and I went to Spain recently &mdash Madrid. I love the colourful and romantic character of the city. Besides, it has my favourite museum in the world &mdash the Museo Nacional del Prado.

OT Most scenic places you&rsquove been to
Pierce Brosnan That&rsquos a tough one But I like Mexico. The passion of Mexico in the Catholic churches, eating at local restaurants in Mexico City, and seeing firsthand the works of Rivera, Kahlo and Siqueiros&hellip

OT What do you like to do on holiday
Pierce Brosnan I paint a lot on the road &mdash my family is always complaining about it. My first career was as a commercial artist, and I&rsquove started plein-air painting &mdash I travel with a little oil set. While filming The Matador in Mexico City, I set up a small studio at the hotel and did a self-portrait of my character Julian, a mustachioed vulgarian with a wonderful sense of humanity.

OT Have you ever travelled to India

Pierce Brosnan Oh yes, several times... I came to India for the first time about 20 years ago to shoot a film with Ismail Merchant (The Deceivers). The first thing I noted, being a painter, was the riot of colour in every part of the country. And the colours, like the people, are so very rich and diverse.

OT Favourite hotels

Pierce Brosnan The Hassler in Rome and the Ritz in Paris. I love their romance, grandeur and place in history. They are the epicentres of the cities they inhabit. It&rsquos as if they&rsquore filled with the dreams of everyone who has walked through them.

OT Most memorable meal while travelling
Pierce Brosnan On a boat in Panama with a group of friends while filming The Tailor of Panama. The boat wasn&rsquot fancy, but it was big and handsome and it had an old frying kettle. We opened several bottles of wine and cooked up a feast of calamari and shrimp and fish &mdash all straight from the sea. But I still love the down-home, wholesome food of my native Ireland Irish salmon, veggies and lots of mashed potatoes.

OT Are you ever able to &lsquogo local&rsquo
Pierce Brosnan In Hawaii, people recognise me and I greet them as they greet me. I enjoy my life and the bit of fame that I have. It has enabled me to travel far and wide, and to enjoy every level of society. Whether you&rsquore going to Panama City or Rajasthan or Nairobi or Rome, it&rsquos about packing the suitcase and going off and sharing experiences with a bunch of great new people.

OT What is the one thing you always pack
Pierce Brosnan My painting kit. I bring my laptop, and I&rsquove recently taken up the ukulele. It&rsquos the most humorous, charming instrument. It&rsquos completely portable, and you can learn to play it in about 20 minutes. I also carry my family photos, which I keep in silver frames. As soon as I get into my hotel, I unwrap them and set them up on the desk.

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