Monikangana Dutta

The Indian model and actress had a lovely time in Muscat, at a property that mixed Arabic and Victorian styles
Monikangana Dutta
Monikangana Dutta

OT What&rsquos your favourite hotel in the world

Monikangana Dutta I loved my stay at the Shangri-La&rsquos Barr Al Jissah Resort and Spa (, in Muscat.

OT And when did you last visit

Monikangana Dutta I had gone two years ago on work, and was there for two days.

OT How was the overall experience

Monikangana Dutta It was absolutely amazing. The hotel is in the middle of this lovely desert setting, with mountains and deserts on one side and beaches on the other. The design is a beautiful mix of Arabic and Victorian styles, with traditional Arabic artwork adorning the rooms. My room was very different from anything I have seen before as it was done entirely in glass &mdash a mosaic of small pieces of glass covered the walls and the ceiling, so wherever I looked I could see myself. I also had a private pool attached to my room. The service was excellent too &mdash it&rsquos the kind of place where, if the staff promised that your food would arrive in five minutes, it actually did.

OT And how was the food

Monikangana Dutta There was a lot of seafood, and all kinds of it, too. It was all fabulous, especially the masala crabs.

OT The hotel&rsquos USP

Monikangana Dutta Everything from the architecture to the service was superb. The Shangri-La as a chain is one of the best in the world, and it&rsquos always a pleasure to stay in one of its hotels. Incidentally, I also love the Shangri-La in Singapore.

OT Planning a repeat visit

Monikangana Dutta I would love to but don&rsquot know when I&rsquoll be able to. Sometime soon, I hope.

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