Malini Ramani

The fashion designer loves the Jamaica Inn in Ocho Rios, Jamaica
Malini Ramani
Malini Ramani

OT Favourite hotel in the world
Malini Ramani The Jamaica Inn ( in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

OT Last visited
Malini Ramani
I went in May last year and was there for five days.

OT The experience
Malini Ramani I had a great experience there. Jamaica Inn is a very intimate resort, which offers only suites and cottages. Each of them overlooks either the sea or the beach, or in some cases, both. There are no televisions here, so you&rsquore quite disconnected from the outside world. The suite I was staying in offered a 360-degree view of the Caribbean Sea. The suite itself was massive it accommodated a living room area, a huge bathroom, two indoor showers, an outdoor shower, a Jacuzzi, a plunge pool and a wrap-around terrace. But the best part was a ladder that led directly from my suite into the Caribbean Sea

The service was excellent, and much personalised as my suite came with a private butler. There were small touches that set it apart &mdash for instance, every day they would make two swans out of towels and leave them on my bed as a decorative touch.

OT The food
Malini Ramani
I have to say I&rsquom not that crazy about Jamaican cuisine the spices and flavours are not exactly to my palate. They eat a lot of jerked chicken, and since I don&rsquot eat chicken, it was a problem. But while I didn&rsquot enjoy the food that much, I loved the cocktails, which were absolutely delicious. Their breakfasts were very good too &mdash they were your typical massive pancakes-and-eggs breakfasts, which I always enjoy.

OT The hotels&rsquo USP
Malini Ramani
I guess the Caribbean Sea, and the privacy that it offers.

OT Repeat visit
Malini Ramani
Of course, I would love to visit again. It&rsquos a very romantic place, so I guess the next time will have to be when I am with the right person. 

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