Katy Perry

The singer, song-writer loves the sense of space and calm at the San Ysidro Ranch in California
Katy Perry
Katy Perry

OT Which is your favourite hotel in the world
Katy Perry Despite being in my home&shytown, the San Ysidro Ranch (from $585 sanysidroranch.com) never fails to make me feel at home away from home. It might sound silly, but I sometimes just check into the property to work in peace or to unwind, or even for no reason at all. The Montecito foothills rearing up behind the property make a spectacular backdrop for the charming heritage buildings, and on a pretty day it is a nice place to wait for someone who is stuck in traffic in LA. If I do get married again, it will be here.

 OT What&rsquos so attractive about it 
Katy Perry The ex&shypansive sense of space I am very happy finding a secluded spot in the gardens for a morning coffee or an afternoon lemon&shyade And I&rsquove had the best fresh pizzas in the shade of the orange trees. Add to that the amazing hiking trails all around.

 OT Can we assume space equals privacy 
Katy Perry There is indeed this sense of privacy. The tranquillity is so inspiring that I do most of my work here. Besides, the staff here values your comfort &mdash so instead of bog&shyging you down with paperwork when you arrive, you&rsquore taken straight to your cot&shytage. The difference is in the little touches endless chips and salsa, local wines on ice, bottomless pitchers of lemonade.

 OT Sounds like you really like their food and drinks... 
Katy Perry Yes San Ysidro Ranch has two dining facilities, the Stonehouse Restaurant and the Plow and Angel. The latter is casual, but both offer outstand&shying service and food, with fresh vegeta&shybles and herbs that come from their own gardens. Their Grand Marnier soufflé is an all-time favourite mood elevator.

 OT So you will be back for more soon 
Katy Perry San Ysidro is like a second home, my own ver&shysion of a calm oasis in an otherwise mad life. I am here almost every month. 

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