Karan Thapar

The eminent journalist talks about his favourite hotel by the lake in Lausanne
Karan Thapar
Karan Thapar

OT Favourite hotel in the world
Karan Thapar The Beau-Rivage Palace (www.brp.ch) in Lausanne Switzerland.

OT Last visited and for how long
Karan Thapar
It&rsquos been two or three years, and I usually stay in hotels like these for three or four days.

OT The experience
Karan Thapar
It was extremely chic and classy. It&rsquos beautifully located, on the shores of Lac L&eacuteman. The service is prompt and polite. And let&rsquos face it, when you stay in a really, really expensive hotel &mdash and this is a really, really expensive hotel &mdash you sort of fool yourself into believing that the hotel must be really, really good

But I&rsquove stayed in several other hotels of this class, The Pierre in New York (before it was taken over by an Indian hotel company) and the Carlisle in the same city, the Phoenicia in Beirut (before it was bombed) &mdash which had a spectacular bar under the pool, which can be quite disconcerting once you&rsquove had a few drinks I&rsquove stayed at the famous Watergate Hotel in Washington and the Hay Adams... At the historic Hotel de Crillon in Paris and at the George V as well as the Ritz. I&rsquove stayed at The Dorchester in London and the Grosvenor House. In Southeast Asia, I&rsquove stayed at The Oriental in Bangkok, The Peninsula and The Regent in Hong Kong. In Singapore, the Four Seasons, the Valley Wing at The Shangri-La, the Ritz Carlton, the Raffles and the Fullerton. Also I&rsquove stayed in two great hotels in Dubai &mdash the Burj al Arab and Emirate Towers.

These are all top-class hotels even so, I think the Beau-Rivage beats them, just for its spectacular, scenic location.

OT The food 
Karan Thapar
It was generally pretty good &mdash no, that sounds lukewarm &mdash it was extremely good. The most memorable meal I had therewas served in the drawing room of the suite of rooms in which I was staying. I don&rsquot remember what I ate but I do remember the magnificent style in which it was served. Thank God I was a guest and someone else was paying 

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