In Conversation with TraWork's Vandita Purohit

Working on your travels can be fun
In Conversation with TraWork's Vandita Purohit
In Conversation with TraWork's Vandita Purohit

How did TraWork happen

I have been a travel buff since the time I understood &lsquotravelling&rsquo. And I never gave it up through the course of my life--schooling, graduation, a new job, getting married, owning businesses, and even motherhood. I observed that a lot of people fear to lose out on work while travelling and vice-versa. With this thought in mind, I began researching and surveying about people&rsquos travel preferences. The solution was help people travel and work while they travel. I called it TraWork (Travel Work).

A trip with TraWork will allow people to go on a &lsquoworkation&rsquo and also check off places on one&rsquos travel list. Now, a lot of you might think that &lsquowho works on a holiday&rsquo The reality is we don&rsquot stop thinking about it on our travels. At TraWork, we design the trips in a way that it benefits your business/ work in every possible way from attending a conference to networking on the go, adapt and adopt from different work cultures or even find new opportunities. The day is dedicated to working and evening to explore and indulge in fun activities. 

Tell us about Humans of Travel&hellip

&lsquoOfficial Humans of Travel&rsquo is TraWork&rsquos new travel series, where we want to feature inspiring travel stories. Our aim is to bring the best unheard stories from travellers from all over the world. It&rsquos going to be real and authentic, right from the travellers themselves.

Your Travel Tales Series is well-known. &nbspHow often does that happen 

Travel Tales is a quarterly travel event series where we invite travellers from different verticals and choose topics like travel hacking, building a business on the go and more. We have done it in 13 cities so far and in the next edition (in January 2020) we are going to be in 27 cities in India and three overseas.

What is the long term vision for TraWork

At first it was pretty simple&nbsporganising work-travel trips across the world, but now we want to build a travel community in India, bring a change in the way people travel and explore places (we are not touristy at all), encourage and ensure responsible travel, and also implement ways to increase the flow of international tourists to India.

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