Gul Panag

On every trip, do at least two things you've never done before advises this actor and former Miss India
Gul Panag
Gul Panag

OT Where did you grow up Are there any special memories of holidays with the family that you&rsquod like to share with us
Gul Panag I grew up in an army family, and my father was posted all over India and abroad. I&rsquove changed 14 schools, so you can imagine that the seeds of my passion for travelling were definitely sowed early on There have been so many trips, so I don&rsquot know which one specifically to talk about. What I do remember is that my parents always encouraged a curiosity about the world, and encouraged us to try new things without fear, and that has been one of the major factors that has influenced my approach to travel.

OT Is there a particular type of holiday that defines you And have you travelled somewhere lately to fulfill that fetish
Gul Panag I&rsquove recently done a show on NDTV Good Times &mdash Kingfisher Blue Mile-Mission Mount Everest &mdash which is so me, with all the elements of adventure, fitness and fun that define a perfect holiday for me

OT What are your family holidays like
Gul Panag
My husband and I travel together, as well as separately. He&rsquos a pilot, so he obviously does travel a lot. He too, like me, likes adventure, so our holidays are usually quite active. We recently went trekking in Ladakh, and then travelled to Goa, where we spent our time swimming and kayaking.

OT Any place on your wish list
Gul Panag
Oh yes, I&rsquod love to visit Antarctica someday soon.

OT Any travel advice for our readers
Gul Panag
Carry a smartphone, pack for the weather, carry sensible travelling shoes, and, on every trip, do at least two things you&rsquove never done before.

OT What do you usually shop for while holidaying
Gul Panag
Shoes, make-up and perfume, usually. I also look out for local music, books and tech accessories.

OT What do you like to read when you travel
Gul Panag Pulp fiction, mostly. I&rsquom currently reading Democrazy by Atulya Mahajan.

OT Your take on food&hellip
Gul Panag I love trying new cuisines. In fact, I believe that one of the best ways of exploring different cultures is by trying the local food.

OT Five things you always carry when you travel&hellip
Gul Panag
Smartphone, sunscreen, running gear, copies of essential documents (passport etc) and a good book.

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