Farah Khan

The Indian film director and choreographer enjoys both luxurious as well as small old-world hotels
Farah Khan
Farah Khan

OT Favourite hotel in the world
Farah Khan I've stayed at some wonderful hotels during my travels abroad but I must admit that in terms of hospitality it is the Indian hotels where you get the best service. I love the hotels in Rajasthan. I've stayed at several in Jaipur and love everything at these heritage hotels &mdash the large rooms with antique furniture, the Rajasthani food. The royal service they manage to give guests is especially pleasing.

Goa is another favourite holiday destination for me, where I love staying at the Taj &mdash the service, ambience and the relaxation it offers is wonderful. I personally love large luxurious rooms in hotels. That gives you the right feel for a holiday. But I enjoy the boutique hotels in Goa too and love the French and Thai food served at these hip small hotels.

Which reminds me that I also fancy small, old-world hotels &mdash the kind you find dotting the Scottish countryside. I stayed at one of these when we were shooting for Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

OT If you had to name one...
Farah Khan Well, I've enjoyed staying at the Dorchester in London and several hotels in New York just as much but these are good, fairly standard hotels. In 2006, I was to attend the MTV Awards and was staying at the W hotel in New York, which faced Times Square, and that was a fun experience. This is a funky place, a boutique hotel where nothing is standardised. Its art house feel was wonderful. I stayed there for 10 days and would love to go again.

Since you're pressing for specifics, I'll name another In Cairo, I loved the Mena House, run by the Oberoi group &mdash every room faces the Pyramids and it's breathtaking. It takes some getting used to &mdash every time you look out of the window you see the Pyramids. You have to pinch yourself to believe that you are actually seeing these sights. I enjoyed my stay there, and found the hospitality wonderful. Then again that may be because the manager was Indian and the food was lovely.

OT Repeat visit
Farah Khan I'd love to go again with my kids but now I'll need three suites for my kids [triplets] and their nannies. I am dying to visit these hotels again but I'll wait till my babies are a little older and can enjoy them.

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