Rocky & Mayur and Australia

The popular foodie duo recently travelled to Australia for their new TV adventure series. Read more about their experiences here
Rocky & Mayur and Australia
Rocky & Mayur and Australia

OT What made the both of you pick Australia

Rocky & Mayur We love travelling and from what we heard, Australians are welcoming people. Australia had been on our bucket list for a long time for the sheer variety of experiences it offers including the food of course. Tourism Australia gave us a great opportunity to visit this beautiful country and to share our experiences from the trip.

OT Tell us what you discovered about food in Australia

Rocky & Mayur Australia is a melting pot of different cultures. What makes their food stand out is their preference for seasonal and local produce. Australian wines are certainly among the best in the world. Also, they have excellent bakeries and their freshly baked croissants are to die for. If you ever go to Melbourne make sure you try the croissants at Luna Croissants. The Australians don't like to stick to a fixed pattern when it comes to cooking, they love experimenting with their food.

OT What is the most adventurous thing you did while shooting for the show

Mayur Well, for me, jumping off a plane to skydive definitely tops that list. I also tried shark cage diving. Watching those massive creatures swim so close to me was a nerve-wracking yet exhilarating experience. There are a lot of fun things to do in Australia. We swam in the ocean with dolphins and went sand-boarding. We also tried a hot air balloon ride.

OT What according to you are some of the best off-beat destinations in Australia

Rocky & Mayur Number one would be the Northern Territory which is a very remote part of Australia. From the gigantic Ayers rock to the mesmerising field of lights in Uluru, there are a whole lot of amazing experiences here.&nbspYou can't miss Kangaroo Island either. It is perfect for witnessing the country&rsquos rich biodiversity and raw beauty

OT So which is the next country on your list

Rocky & Mayur Actually, we hope we get to visit Australia. The country is so big that we missed out on quite a few places including Tasmania which has some really good food and wine including a certain distillery which makes the best whiskeys. Besides Australia, we are very keen on visiting South Africa, Spain and China too

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