Henry Cavill

The British actor of the Superman fame loves lavish holidays
Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

OT What does a holiday mean to you

Henry Cavill A vacation means a quieter life. It is important to keep burnouts at bay. I tend to exhaust myself with work. Holidays rescue me from that.

OT What are your favourite destinations

Henry Cavill I love Prague, where we shot Tristan & Isolde. I was charmed by the Gothic architecture and the nightlife. Dublin is awesome too, very scenic and home to my favourite beer, Guinness. I love Romeso full of energy. Ibiza is amazing to let your hair down. Beso Beach is one of my favourite places to swim and scuba dive.

My most favourite place in the world, though, is home, New Jersey. It is magical for me. Beauport beach has a special place in my heart because of my memories of family barbecues down there. The Durrell Wildlife Park is a must-visit if you are coming down.

OT What is the best bit about travelling

Henry Cavill I may diss some people when I say thistravelling is only pleasant if you have the luxury of doing so first-class. Long-distance economy travel sucks. Especially if youre over six feet tall. Im not going to pretend to be coy about that. I love first-class seats.

OT What do you enjoy most on holidays

Henry Cavill If Ive had a successful year, I like to treat my friends to a yacht trip. When Im making money, Im spending it on nice stuff, whether lavish holidays for me or buying dinner and drinks for everyone. On vacation, I do what I like to do. I try to immerse myself in the culture wherever I am, enjoy the newness of it.

OT What do you splurge on while on holiday

Henry Cavill Leather jackets. Back home, I have almost a whole wardrobe of them. I cannot live without my favourite brown leather jacket. I need to stop buying more

OT What does your luggage usually comprise

Henry Cavill I travel light. I normally take my Microsoft Surface with me, so I can read books and scripts. And a good pair of headphones to shut the world out. I never carry expensive skincare products for fear that they will be confiscated by airport security.

OT And destinations on your wishlist

Henry Cavill Brazil, for sure. In fact, all of South America. And India. Would love to know where to goplease help me whenever I do land up in your country

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