Will Smith Is All Praises For The Burj Khalifa

Let Will Smiths love for Burj Khalifa and everything about Dubai be inspiration enough for you to go visit
Will Smith
Will Smith

Which is your favourite hotel

Nothing beats the Corporate Suites at the Burj Khalifa (burjkhalifa.ae) in Dubai. The experience of living, literally, on top of the world, and in one of the most awe inspiring man-made structures is special. In fact, I love all of Dubai. When I first experienced the place, I thought &lsquothat&rsquos how you build a city&rsquo. Dubai&rsquos vibe and desire to be the best is what draws me to it. It&rsquos the energy of progress, the people, the design and ideas. Everything has to be the best. I came here for the first time about 15 years ago, during a time when they said 40 per cent of all of the world&rsquos cranes were in Dubai.

What do you like about the Corporate Suites at Burj Khalifa

A thousand years from now, humans will look at Burj Khalifa the same way we look at the Pyramids and say, &lsquohow the hell did they build that&rsquo It is just so marvellous. The sheer scale of it has become the identity of Dubai. The observation deck is just amazing. There is a standing joke in my family that if I am nowhere to be found, that&rsquos where I will be.

What about the facilities within

You name it, you get it. The staff is so warm, chatty and jovial. They make anything possible. I may be the genie on screen, but they are the real genies, mind you.

And the cuisine

You needn&rsquot go out of your suite to eat. But you should. Because the options are plenty. You can dine at the Armani Hotel or at At.Mosphere Restaurant. I love the banana fritters they make at At.Mosphere. Those, with the coffee ice cream, and of course, the view&mdashoh, it is a killer combination.

Would you like to go there again

Oh yes, definitely I am the spirit animal of the city.

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