Abhay Deol Talks About HOPE and Responsible Tourism

Goas favourite electric vehicle tourism start-up, BLive, recently launched Humans of Planet Earth (HOPE) to celebrate and promote green initiatives.
Abhay Deol's exclusive take on the launch of HOPE
Abhay Deol's exclusive take on the launch of HOPE

 Why did you choose to be a part of Human of Planet Earth (HOPE)

As inhabitants of this planet, &lsquoall&rsquo of us are its only hope. And it&rsquos up to us to do something to combat climate change in every way we can. If adding my voice to a green initiative and becoming a responsible Human of Planet Earth (HOPE) can help people realise the importance of sustainability, then I believe it&rsquos the best use of that voice.

We are running out of time and that&rsquos why everyone must focus on what they can do. You do your bit, I shall do mine. It&rsquos our choices today that shape our tomorrow when it comes to our environment. That is why I chose to be a Human of Planet Earth and I&rsquom proud to be one.

What do you have to say about this new initiative

I did not realise the impact of my everyday actions until recently, after which I took measures to go green. So, I can relate to the people who may not be so aware or looking for examples they can follow to do their bit. I&rsquom still learning, there&rsquos still much more I can do, so many ways I can practice sustainability.

HOPE puts stories of eco-warriors, whether they are individuals, organisations or companies, in the spotlight to inspire others. I also see a younger generation that is willing to give this cause top priority. In the end, we all may have different ways to go green but if our common goal is the same, then an initiative like this can help us to learn more from each other&rsquos efforts.

What are some of your own eco-friendly endeavours

Well, as part of my profession I&rsquove always had to maintain fitness and good health. But it took me a while to realise that if our environment is an unhealthy one, it affects us and prevents us from being healthy. I built a home in Goa with considerable thought given to aesthetics, etc but slowly it occurred to me that I hadn&rsquot considered the impact of climate change. So, I started to look for ways in which I could reduce the carbon footprint in my home. I already have rainwater harvesting on site, I am going to install solar panels, compost my wet dirt, recycle the dry, planted vegetables, and now I am installing a natural filtration pool. Even when I&rsquom outside, my house on set or in location, I carry glass bottles filled with clean filtered water instead of buying plastic bottles. I don&rsquot use plastic to carry or store anything. I don&rsquot invest in companies that pollute and look to support those that are using environment-friendly green technologies.

On travel

Favourite destination

I like big cities. NYC for the energy of the place and, of course, Broadway, Los Angeles for the lifestyle and weather, Paris for the architecture and Barcelona for the partying. As a country, I really enjoy visiting Spain.

Crazy holiday experience

I jumped off a plane once

Unusual travel eats

I&rsquom not very adventurous when it comes to exotic foods unless they are vegetarian (which wouldn&rsquot be considered adventurous).

Souvenir of choice

Anything but a virus. Sometimes I steal ashtrays from hotel lobbies. Just because.

Bucket list

Bali for the vibe and beaches, Argentina for the culture, Peru for Machu Picchu, and Northern Canada to see the Aurora Borealis.

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