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Look forward to the unbelievable, indescribable, and the unimaginable with these five Instagram accounts
Shoo away your fears and climb the Himalayan ranges
Shoo away your fears and climb the Himalayan ranges

From high above the tallest peaks in the world, open your eyes to the magical and mystical. Here are five Instagram accounts that take you around the globe in mountains. Whether it be the daunting Himalayan peaks or the snowy land of Alaska and Greenland adventure into the dephest corners of the planets with these unqiue profiles. 

Who is Don Bowie (@donbowie), you ask Only one of the most prolific alpinists alive. The Canadian has ascended K2 (8611m) and another 17 Himalayan peaks across expeditions. He&rsquos attempted speed records, summited multiple times without supplementary oxygen, and completed his descent despite a life-threatening fall (that resulted in a broken foot) from K2. His Instagram feed is as inspiring as him&mdasha journal of sort for his endeavours&mdashfilled with interesting anecdotes, and always asking mountaineering amateurs and enthusiasts to comment and seek

He&rsquos a quirky fellow, this Robbie Phillips (@robbiephillips_). The Scottish climber adds a touch of hilarity to his captions depicting his climbing (mis)adventures, while his time away from the crag is spent giving motivational speeches, writing on adventure and calling out those who threaten the environment. The breadcrumb trail left behind by his Instagram feed is a joy to follow, even if his pictures are more documentary-style than stylised.

Prerna Dangi (@thepahadigirl) makes us proud, and we vouch she will have the same effect on you. The girl from Uttarakhand has climbed many a steep ice route and frozen fall, and has managed a host of 6,000m-plus expeditions. As an ambassador for Eco Femme, a woman empowerment project, she&rsquos doing her bit towards the cause, and her feed has a bit of everything&mdashconquered climbs, personal moments and inspirational captions.

Savannah Cummins (@sav.cummins) clicks as well as she climbs, she&rsquos a certified outdoor junkie if there is one, and her expeditions&mdashto conquer the likes of Antarctica, Alaska, Greenland and the Himalaya&mdashmeans she&rsquos possibly, sometimes literally, on the top of the world. As for the Utah-born climber&rsquos feed, every frame is a painting sunlight, terrain and depth of field are used well, and the pictures are colourful enough to put a smile on your face.

There&rsquos no mountain too high for Abhijeet Singh (@abhijeet_sing). We&rsquore serious&mdashhe has conquered Stok Kangri (6130m), free soloed Deo Tibba (6001m), and he essentially manages ice and alpine climbs like a walk in the park. Once a marketing professional, he traded the comforts of a 9-to-5 with full-time mountaineering and adventure photography in 2013. Some stellar GoPro and Canon 5D Mark III captures from his expeditions find their way on to his feed, and his stories are a combination of casual blogging, helpful tips for beginners, and serious climbing feats.

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