4 Instagrammers We Really Like Right Now

Minimalism to subways to windows, theyve got it all covered
Interiors of a subway car in New York
Interiors of a subway car in New York

Tiny Dish Studio

Lilliputian in size but designed with panache, Tiny Dish Studio&nbspis a miniatures account by Laura Favela. Her edibles inventory is exhaustive, dishing out classics like sashimi alongside trendier plates of avocado toast and these matcha rolls. 

Windoors India

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Kolkata, 2018

A post shared by Doors And Windows In India (@windoors_india) on Jul 11, 2018 at 900pm PDT

Windoors India takes great &lsquopanes&rsquo to deliver on their account&rsquos name. Strolling around heritage neighbourhoods, they&rsquove captured charming old patios and casements, weathered down by time, festivals and naughty children. 

Subway Hands

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A post shared by subway hands (@subwayhands) on Mar 17, 2019 at 843am PDT

We imagine it&rsquos what Sherlock Holmes would curate on his daily commute. Subway Hands by local resident Hannah La Follette Ryan, is a restrained look at New Yorkers as they clutch purses, bouquets, Chinese takeout and, more often than not, each other. 

Classical Art Details

Brush up on art history with Classical Art Details. The Istanbul- based account features exquisite closeups of masterpieces in painting and sculpture, from icons like Lady Godiva to lesser-known names like Hermann Dudley Murphy. Dreamy and tender portraits of women are our favourites. 

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