4 Instagram Handles We Really Like Right Now

Social distancing is the new normal. And these Instagram handles are getting creative with it
Representative Image Interiors of abandoned building
Representative Image Interiors of abandoned building

Michael Runkel

A fisherman on Inle Lake wraps one leg around his oar, scanning the surface for bubbles. Michael Runkel captures this dying tradition, and other non-clich&eacutes from remote areas. Marvel at the mud mosques of Burkina Faso, or Saudis letting their hair down during the Al Janadriyah festival. 

Laurent Ch&eacuteh&egravere

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Let me introduce Bricabrac A new Flying House. It is inspired by the famous flea market the Puces of St-Ouen in the Parisian suburbs. Everything is for sale in this great Capernaum. The life of others, memories, toys, books and family photos rub shoulders with the "really veritable" bathtub of Jean-Paul Marat where he was assassinated by Charlotte Corday during the French Revolution. There is also a Banksy... surely &ldquoauthentic&rdquo. A famous auction house said that. Laissez-moi vous pr&eacutesenter une nouvelle Flying House intitul&eacutee Bricabrac Elle s'inspire du c&eacutel&egravebre marché aux puces de St-Ouen dans la banlieue parisienne. Elle est construite de bric et de broc. Tout est à vendre dans ce grand Capharna&uumlm. La vie des autres, des souvenirs, des jouets, des livres ou des photos de famille c&ocirctoient la "v&eacuteritable" baignoire de Jean-Paul Marat où il fut assassiné par Charlotte Corday pendant la R&eacutevolution fran&ccedilaise. Il y a aussi un Banksy ... s&ucircrement "authentique" lui aussi. C&rsquoest une c&eacutel&egravebre maison d&rsquoench&egraveres qui l&rsquoa dit. @laurentchehere #flyinghouses #art #contemporaryart #home #house #housedesign #design #photographer #photography #photo #architecture #architecturephotography #conceptual_art #conceptualphotography #artgallery #gallery #artfair #fantasy #fantastic #dream #surrealism #poetry #imagination #france #paris

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Zany and dreamlike, Laurent Ch&eacuteh&egravere&rsquos Flying Houses punches storytelling, metaphors and the fantastical into old Parisian homes. Pushed out of anonymity, they sail across the sky&mdashbillowing chimneys, hanging legs, frayed clotheslines&mdashas if to float away from all their troubles. 

Abandoned Nordic

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The silence of relief dances on the deserted manors, overrun gardens, and lone lighthouses of Abandoned Nordic. The account deftly portrays the beauty of emptiness and decay to present just one question are the forsaken always forlorn 

Antoine Bruy

Maria, an off-the-grid spaniard living in the Sierra Nevadas, as shot by Antoine Bruy&nbspfor Scrublands. Her settlement, Beneficio, is a &lsquorainbow gathering&rsquo that shuns consumerism for mountain springs, shared kitchens and communal living. 

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