Gear Up For A Vegan Disney World

The restaurants and fast food outlets in Disney World and Disneyland will introduce plant - based options starting this year
Walt Disney World, Florida, Orlando
Walt Disney World, Florida, Orlando

One might wonder what  makes disney world the happiest place on Earth. The rides, theme parks, and roller coasters sure call for a disney vacation, but we believe that it is the irresistible snack options that classify it as heaven on Earth. With the concept of &lsquoveganism&rsquo taking over the world by storm, Disney World is not the one to hold back. Starting October, Disneyland  plans to introduce more than 400 plant based food options in its fast food outlets and restaurants.

This decision was made keeping in view the growing popularity of veganism and taking into account the guests&rsquo feedback. The new offerings include steamed asian dumplings at Epcot&rsquos Le Callier, chilli - spiced crispy fried tofu, at Animal Kingdom and fellucian garden spread with hummus and pita bread near Star Wars&rsquo Galaxy edge. The new menu options will be first added to the disney parks located in Florida and California. 

The vegan dishes will be denoted by the leaf icon and the management assures that it will be free of animal meat, dairy, eggs and honey.Though Disney World did have some plant based food options like vegan pizza and mushroom &lsquolobster&rsquo salad but now with the introduction of a vegan friendly menu, tourists do not have to scroll through hundreds of blogs to narrow down their options.  Currently, the most popular vegan options available at Disneyland are &lsquoDole Whip&rsquo and the &lsquoRevolutionary meat loaf which is served at the Liberty Tree Tavern in the Magic Kingdom. The new plant based items are expected to be available from 2020 at the various park locations. 

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