Sign Up for a Foraging and Cook-Out in Aarey Forest

Mumbai peeps, heres your chance to experience adivasi life
A group on a forest trail in Aarey
A group on a forest trail in Aarey

If you have always been fascinated by forests and wild foods, sign up for a trail walk in Aarey Forest in Mumbai. Participants will get to learn about indigenous ecology through the forest trek, forage for wild foods, and cook them. They will also enjoy an adivasi meal in a tribal household in Aarey.

Part of the trek will include visits to indigenous tribal villages to understand their way of life and philosophy through cross-cultural conversations. The walk will be facilitated by environmentalist Sanjiv Valsan and tribal farmer Vanita Thakre from Aarey. 

What&rsquos more You could also shop for the freshest organic produce while supporting tribal farmers during the lockdown.

Uncultivated or wild foods, are are organic, highly nutritious, free of cost, involve zero  input or deforestation, and their continued use induces humans to engage with and preserve the forest, just like the adivasis have done for centuries.

Continuing knowledge about wild foods along with natural farming are both vital since it can incentivise humans to save forests, fight climate change and droughts and prevent famines. 

Fees Rs 1,400 (includes forest trail walking, knowledge sharing and cost of organic lunch). A large part of the proceeds go to tribal farmers in Aarey Forest.

For more details, call 9867403957. You can Gpay the fees on the same number. 

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