Etihad Most Punctual Airlines In Middle East

Etihad Airways has been voted as the most punctual airlines in the Middle East region for the first half of 2019
Etihad Airways is the largest airlines in the United Arab Emirates
Etihad Airways is the largest airlines in the United Arab Emirates

The hassles of a delayed flight, endless queues and the last minute stress is enough to induce anxiety in the most seasoned fliers. Even before you hop onto that 17 hour flight, you start dreading the long haul. And the distress of not being able to make it to your destination on time is nothing less than a nightmare. Studies even prove that flying can be so stressful for some that they choose not to fly at all. But with the punctuality and opulent experience  of Etihad Airways, flying has never been easier.

Etihad Airways has always been synonymous with luxury flying and now with statistics suggesting that it&rsquos the most punctual airline in the Middle East, we can&rsquot wait to get on board. Etihad has won several accolades for its luxury products and services in a short period of time. OAG, UK-based air travel intelligence company recently revealed that Etihad is the most punctual Middle Eastern carrier in the first seven months of 2019. It is the only flight in the region whose punctuality averaged more than 80%. It has also been ranked 24th globally for its on time performance. According to reports, John Wright Etihad Airways&rsquo vice president stated that reliability is one of the key elements that Etihad offers as part of the total product. 

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