Enjoy Seamless Travel across Austrias Public Transport with KlimaTicket

This picturesque Alpine country in central Europe has implemented a unique plan to restart tourism and ensure travellers leave behind minimum carbon footprint
An electric tram along Viennas Ringstrasse
An electric tram along Viennas Ringstrasse

With climate change a serious threat, nations are implementing various ways to reduce the carbon footprint. One of them is encouraging the use of public transport, a climate-friendly alternative to motorized individual transport. Austria, in central Europe, has just unveiled a special nation-wide ticket that travellers can use to travel across it&rsquos a wide network of public transport.

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With a KlimaTicket (Climate Ticket), you may travel on all scheduled services (such as public and private rail, city and public transport) in a specific area for a year - regional, cross-regional and nationwide, according to the official website. Austria has an efficient and extensive public transport system, and therefore travelling to most tourist attractions poses no problem. The local network consists of trains, trams, and buses while capital Vienna also has a metro.

There are a few restrictions, such as it cannot be used on touristic offers like Waldviertelbahn, Wachaubahn, Schneeberbahn, Schafbergbahn, etc. But even without them, you can travel to most of the popular attractions, at a much lower cost than what you would have paid for by taking your personal car or hiring one. And also have the satisfaction of knowing that you have contributed towards the fight against climate change.

Outside the early bird offer (which ends on October 31 this year), a KlimaTicket Classic is priced at &euro1,095 for an annual pass, which works out to &euro3 per day &nbspthere are also various options for youth, senior and special (differently abled) people as well as for families with children. Tickets can be bought online&nbspor from distribution partners.

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