Embassy Tours To Grace Washington DC In May

Have the world a fingertip away at the Passport DC festival in the American capital
Flags of different nations at an embassy
Flags of different nations at an embassy

A cultural fiesta will grace Washington D.C this May paying tribute to the thriving international cultures in the capital city. One can visitor over 170 embassies during the Passport DC festival. The month-long event will see embassies around the American capital open their doors to visitors. The first two Saturdays of the month will be dedicated to embassy open houses.

Visitors can step inside a foreign embassy with the Around the World Embassy Tour (May 4, 2019) and the EU Open House (May 11, 2019).&nbspEmbassies for the first event will be open from 10 AM to 4 PM spanning five continents with a set of activities planned. Check out the list of participating embassies here. In the latter event, experience Europe&nbspand enjoy the Old Continent&nbspwithout any jet lag. From Ireland and Italy to Spain and Slovakia, this open house will see nations from all over Europe participate. 

The event is free to the public so, do make your way to this cultural extravaganza if the cultures of the world interest you. We have even better news if you are a foodie with many&nbspembassies offering up&nbspinternational treats for visitors. Savor the world at the tip of your tongue. Keep your cameras at the get-go with performances from all over the world ready to dazzle you. This May, experience the gift of diversity

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