E-Scooters To Be Legalised In London

Once the new rules are implemented, Londoners will be able to ride these scooters on roads and bike lanes around the city
Fleets of e-scooters will get trial runs in the UK
Fleets of e-scooters will get trial runs in the UK

The sight of commuters whizzing around London on battery-powered scooters might not seem anything out of the ordinary. But did you know this cheap, environment-friendly way of commuting is illegal However, these rules are about to change. E-scooters are soon going to be permitted on UK roads and cycle lanes. 

The government is expected to begin a consultation on the regulation of e-scooters and their safety. The aim is to introduce greener transport options. They will be subjected to the same laws as bicycles. These scooters will be equipped with &lsquospeed inhibitors&rsquo that will limit the speed of the vehicle to 15.5mph.  

Many European cities have already legalised this means of transport, with brands providing easy pick up and drop off facilities that are low cost and offer rent-by-the-minute facilities. However, these scooters still remain illegal on London roads, with riders facing £300 fixed-penalty and six points on their driving license if caught flouting the rules. 

Currently, there are contrasting opinions on the new regulations. While some hail it as a revolution in urban transport, others are wary about the safety measures and believe that it will worsen existing transport chaos. As per some reports, the law might soon be applied to Segways and hoverboards which are presently banned on pavements, public roads, and cycle lanes. 

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