Dubai Issues Guidelines to Restart Adventure Sports

Here is what you need to know about Dubai Tourisms guidelines for outdoor adventure sports
Sky diving in Dubai
Sky diving in Dubai

Amid the &lsquonew&rsquo normal of social distancing, Dubai Tourism issued a set of guidelines to restart outdoor adventure sports. Keeping in mind the significance of physical distancing in times like these, the proposed guidelines restrict the number of people taking part in any sporting activity to a maximum of 5. 

Water sports, boating and biking activities will be permitted and the equipment for the same will be issued by the authorities. The tourism body also announced ease in restrictions for private beaches in hotels as well as other sporting activities, such as jet-skiing and sky diving. The jet ski will allow only one person on. As for sky diving, flight capacity will be reduced to enforce social distancing. All equipments, especially harnesses and protection gear has to be thoroughly sterilised. Customers will be encouraged to purchase their own eye-wear and will undergo temperature checks. All jumpers will also be required to wear a face mask while boarding the aircraft and continue to wear it for the duration of the ride to the desired diving altitude. However, they'll remove the masks while jumping to avoid the mask affecting their breath or vision. 

Any outdoor activity exceeding the number of people will be prohibited, just as the indoor activities.

Private hotel beaches will also allow access to five people or less, including water sports, boat or bike rentals. However, services such as sauna, spa and pool facilities, gyms, fitness and health clubs will still remain closed. Children's play areas, sporting equipment, indoor shower facilities, provision for linen, prayer rooms and other events will also remain shut.

The guidelines also state that all boats, life jackets and rental equipment will be sanitised and disinfected after every use. All travellers also have to bring their own linen and compulsorily wear gloves and masks. Apart from that, there will be mandatory temperature checks for on-site staff. 

All staff will also have to practice social distancing at all times, with a two-metre distance between people and a four-metre distance between two groups of people. 

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