Weekend Break Campsite and Flea Market in Karjat

Spend the upcoming weekend in Karjat camping, going on walking trails, and hanging out at a flea market.
Weekend Break Campsite and Flea Market in Karjat
Weekend Break Campsite and Flea Market in Karjat

Mumbai-Pune folks, this one is for you. If you are looking for weekend plans this week, hit up Karjat to a spot of camping under the stars, with a dose of shopping thrown in. 

Premier campsite brand Moonstone Hammock is hosting a flea market on&nbspDecember 11 in Karjat. Flanked by the banks of river Ulhas, this campsite is at a convenient distance from both Mumbai and Pune. For driving enthusiasts, the roads are bliss.

One of the biggest advantages of Karjat is its location, only 65 km by road from Mumbai. Located in the vicinity of the Ulhas River, the countryside is a mix of rolling hills, forests and meadows. The hills are a favourite with trekkers, especially during monsoon.

While at Karjat, you may go on treks, cave explorations and visit some old temples.  

The flea market will be brimming with local brands showcasing sustainable products. Here's a taste of what to expect BFF (Bubblesfoamandfun) for organic bathroom essentials Earthy Route, a clothing brand that strives to generate environmental awareness through bespoke offerings Manuka for gourmet desserts Resol for designer silver and clay jewellery, and Fudge House x Artsy Dits where you will get to take home a boxful of fudge made with fresh berries and chocolates, along with a customised artwork.

Customers can choose between a flea day pass (750 5% GST) and an overnight pass (2,890 5% GST). These rates are per person, and the overnight package contains access to several additional activities like a pool, high tea, food, music, kayaking and much more. For more details, check here.

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