Live The Young Dream With Disney

Disney collaborates with the NBA to bring about the new NBA experience, which aims at reliving theyounger, more enthusiastic childhood days, this year.
NBA and Disneyland come together for an enjoyable experience
NBA and Disneyland come together for an enjoyable experience

Disney and NBA come together to create an experience bringing back to you and your childhood days. If you spent your time as a kid transforming the parks and the driveways into basketball courts, dribbling that ball and aiming it into the basket while imagining yourself to be in the NBA arena taking that winning shot for your team, Disney&rsquos new experiment is directed right at you.

Spread over a huge area of 44,000 square feet, the Disney NBA experience will officially open it&rsquos doors to the fans on August 12th, 2019 at Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida. Designed for children of all ages, Disney promises this to be the most spectacular attraction of all.

Disney World will now let you walk through the players&rsquo tunnel and step into the impressive replica of a modern-day NBA arena, which is lined up with thirteen interactive games. One of the many thrilling experiences is the slam dunk challenge that will bring every angle of the players&rsquo experience to life. Also, a 180-degree cinematic projection of the in-arena experience along with notable stories from the players&rsquo perspectives will add to the overall experience of its visitors. Lifelong followers of the game who craved to someday be a part of it now have a way to live their dream.

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